About Us

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Our mission is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, accurate, and precise inspection service, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism and integrity throughout the inspection process, in an effort to meet each client’s specific needs. We are proud of and committed to the concepts of honor and integrity in all aspects of company business and require the same from all of our employees.

Our philosophy is that all projects are important. We give every project the attention to detail that our customers require and deserve, no matter how small. The importance of each customer is proven by our prompt and detailed service, even in remote locations. Our technicians and support team combine their experience with the latest technology to improve quality in every aspect of the process. With the use of advanced computer generated reporting techniques, and digital imaging, we have brought the advanced professional attention once reserved for Aerospace and Petrochemical to all our customers.

Who We Are

Jassen Andrus – Quality Control Manager
Dan Barraza – Director of Operations

Who We Serve

Construction, Fabrication, Steam Generation, Power Generation, Water Treatment, Water Storage, Amusement Parks, Petrochemical, Composites, Public Utilities, Education

Blueprint for Quality

At Sterling Inspection, we understand and value the high quality that this industry demands and we are highly motivated and fully trained to meet this need. We have sat at the drawing table and designed a blueprint for quality. It is our goal to exceed your expectations and deliver the highest level of quality achievable.

Our Inspection Services

Nondestructive Testing

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A variety of nondestructive testing methods are offered in accordance with ASNT Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A.

Special Inspection

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A variety of visual inspection methods are offered in accordance with the American Welding Society (AWS) and the International Code Council (ICC).

Level III Services

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We have ASNT Level III personnel in many inspection methods including: Visual, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, and Dye Penetrant.

Special Access

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If special access is required, we are equipped to use industrial ropes, commercial diving, and remote video.

Other Services

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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Concrete UT, Positive Material Identification (PMI), Quality Assurance, Data Management, AutoCAD.

Training Services

Inspection Training

We offer training in accordance with the ASNT for inspection methods such as: Visual Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, and Dye Penetrant Testing.


Test Preparation

Test preparation courses are available for inspection certifications in accordance with AWS and ICC.



Our enrollment page features a price list and schedule for upcoming training courses. You may fill out an online form to request enrollment.